MEETING your heart

The sunshine at 21 degrees north latitude makes me sweet as first love.

The 350 day frost free period protects me.

In order to meet you.

I have prepared 1001 days and nights.


Redefining the oranges

The luckiest thing in the world is to meet a close friend in life, a companion in business, a loved one in life. Just as the south-flowing river meets the mountain orchards surrounded by valleys and the sweet oranges, and the sunshine of 21 degrees north latitude. When all met, with Together with Tonggan, I set out from here, out of the mountains, across the river to come to your side, on this little feeling, just for your life to bring a sweet orange!

Scientific and standardized planting production process, the formation of fixed planting standards, to ensure that the quality of each batch of fruit stable.

All products can be purchased by small program.


Shenzhen Tonggan Science and Technology Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. is a large agricultural industry internet platform construction and operation company under the Letu Science and Technology Group, which is based on its own planting base, patented agricultural production means technology and characteristic standardized ecological agriculture planting technology. Now it has built a big IP brand like "TOgether with tonggan" and "tonggan".

Tonggan Science and Technology aims at defining new health standards for fresh products and creating an Internet platform for consumers to upgrade green, safe and healthy consumption products and healthy agricultural industry chain. Integrating front-end agricultural planting resources, realizing information symmetry of terminal consumers, and providing safe and healthy food upgrade for modern consumers are the ultimate core goals. Tonggan Science and Technology advocates emotional traceability, pursues the pure power of nature, and brings real "rural flavor" to consumers with simplicity and purity.


On the 100 ways of eating oranges

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"For Hong Kong products" is not brand packaging, is for its own security.

Hong Kong (STC) Inspection and Testing Certification Centre vigorously promotes "together with tonggan"

Together with Tonggan to Aid Economic Development

Bobai Peasant Harvest Festival

The nutritional value of Tonggan

Meet with you, with tangerine!

Good fruit can not be separated.

Bring you together with Tonggan.

Why Tonggan better?

National Day holiday Technology

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